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Being a coastal town, Orani is popular for its marine resources and interesting seafood dishes straight from the crab farms or fishponds. Needless to say, it is important that markets are always accessible to the aquaculture farmers, fishermen and townspeople alike to ensure the most efficient trade of these products.

Orani Public Market is situated in Barangay Mulawin; and with the completion of the 300-meter access road project in this barrio under FY 2019 AM Program, the local government has secured the unhampered delivery of goods and the livelihood of its constituents.

The local project has since significantly served not only the 5,249 residents of the said barangay but also the consumers from the southern towns as this road serves an alternative route going to one of the busiest public markets in the province. As a result, there has been a reduced volume of vehicles passing through the main intersection.

In addition to extensive direct effects of the improved road, the implementing team believes that a number of complementary factors will lead to substantial indirect benefits such as investment opportunities and abundance of harvested resources. All this will push more of the LGU's potential towards its vision of establishing Orani as a dynamic center of development with flourishing tourism industry, accessible social services, and accountable governance by 2025.



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