DILG Region 3 hosted the Department’s Program Assessment conducted by Finance and Management Service and Planning Service, Central Office on December 2-5, 2013 at Oxford Hotel, Clarkfield, Pampanga.  It was attended by Regional Directors, Bureau Directors, Regional Budget Officers, Regional Accountants, Project Development and Monitoring Unit (PDMU) Heads, and Regional Planning Officers department wide.

    The activity served as a venue for the DILG Central Office and Regional Offices to review and improve program implementation strategies according to set plans so as to achieve harmonization of schedules of various activities of the different programs from the central down to the field levels.  Correspondingly, it aimed to review mechanisms used in monitoring physical and financial performance of each operating unit for an effective and efficient evaluation of the agency’s operations.  

   RD Florida M. Dijan, in her welcome message, took pride in promoting the different tourist site attractions as well as notable achievements on governance in the region.  She emphasized the necessity of conducting such important activity so as to really determine whether the goals of programs being implemented as to their target and funding are met.  

   Highlights of the activity include presentations and discussions of issues on the status of program implementation for 2011, 2012 and 2013, financial performance as of October 30, 2013, budget utilization, disbursements and liquidation as well as CY 2014 deliverables.
   In a concluding message, Assistant Secretary Ester Aldana stated that this kind of endeavor is geared towards ensuring that financial resources of the Department are economically utilized.  She shared the formulas in the attainment of the things desired and which serve as guideposts in setting the direction; these are   commitment coupled with passion along with willingness and ability to produce performance.  She believes that the workshops between the Central and Regional Office personnel led to an intent realization of gaps towards more effective and efficient implementation and execution of programs, projects and activities.  She ended her message quoting, “We should do the right things right to do them better.”