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In an earnest endeavor to shape the future and provide a platform for the aspirations of the younger generation, the SK Provincial Federation of Zambales, in partnership with the Provincial Government, hosted a 2-day Seminar-Workshop on the Formulation of the Provincial Youth Development Plan (PYDP). The event, held on February 28-29, 2024, at Balin Samabali, Iba, Zambales, brought together the Local Youth Development Officers (LYDOs) and the SK Municipal Federation Presidents to deliberate on strategies to empower and uplift the province's youth.

With the aim of fostering a conducive environment for the holistic development of young minds, the seminar-workshop served as a collaborative space to exchange ideas, identify challenges, and chart a comprehensive roadmap towards youth empowerment. Attendees engaged in insightful discussions on various topics ranging from education and employment to mental health and civic engagement, reflecting the diverse needs and aspirations of today's youth.

The event commenced with an inspiring message by Director Martin Porres B. Moral of DILG Zambales, emphasizing the critical role of youth in driving social progress and sustainable development. The Resource Speakers who provided input in the training workshop were LGOO VI Rose Ann D. Agostosa, LGOO V Jacqueline A. Calimlim, and LGOO V Paulin Johanne L. Reyes, who discussed the Legal Bases and Planning Concepts, nine (9) Centers of Youth Participation, Formulating Goals and Objectives, Setting Performance Indicators and Targets, and the Monitoring and Evaluation. Drawing upon their own experiences and expertise, speakers shared valuable insights, best practices, and innovative approaches to address the multifaceted needs of young people.

Participants actively participated in interactive sessions, workshops, and group discussions, leveraging their collective wisdom to identify priority areas and formulate actionable strategies for inclusion in the PYDP. Through a participatory and inclusive approach, the seminar-workshop aimed to ensure that the voices of youth were heard and their perspectives were integrated into the policymaking process.

Moreover, the seminar-workshop underscored the importance of fostering partnerships between government agencies, civil society organizations, educational institutions, and the private sector to create an enabling environment for youth development. Collaboration and synergy emerged as central themes, highlighting the significance of collective action in nurturing the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

As the deliberations concluded, participants expressed their optimism and renewed commitment towards advancing the cause of youth empowerment in the Province of Zambales. The insights generated during the seminar-workshop will serve as a foundation for the formulation of the Provincial Youth Development Plan, which aims to harness the potential of youth as drivers of inclusive growth and social transformation.

In closing, the Seminar-Workshop on the Formulation of the Provincial Youth Development Plan not only marked a significant milestone in Zambales’ journey towards youth empowerment but also reaffirmed its unwavering dedication to nurturing a brighter future for generations to come.

by: LGOO V Jacqueline A. Calimli


Provincial Director

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