In order to raise awareness on the MASA MASID program, DILG Region 3 graced the seminar on MASA MASID of the Philippine Public Safety College- Regional Training Center 3 (PPSC-RTC3) on February 24, 2017 at the RTC 3, Magalang, Pampanga.

MED Chief Lerrie S. Hernandez served as the main resource speaker for the activity which was attended by more than 200 senior police officers assigned in different provinces of Central Luzon. She highlighted the role of the police officers in safeguarding the community through information gathering and providing assistance to the MASA MASID volunteers. She likewise provided the background, legal bases and composition of members of the program.

Participants were encouraged to join and invite others as well to become part of the program and be a MASA MASID volunteer.
As MED Chief Hernandez put it, the program will greatly benefit the community and the country in pursuing a peaceful, safe, and orderly community.
"We are doing this program not just for our safety but for the sake of our future generations," she said.