Only the purchase of the following vehicles require the approval of the DILG:

  1. Car (sedan or hatchback) with engine displacement not exceeding 2500cc, if gasoline-fed or 3500cc, if diesel-fed, and/or with an engine not exceeding 4-cylinder
  2. Passenger Van and Pick-Up Type Vehicle with engine displacement not exceeding 2500cc, if gasoline-fed, or 3000cc, if diesel-fed, and/or with an engine not exceeding 4-cylinder
  3. Asian/Crossover Utility Vehicle (AUV/CUV) and Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), with an engine displacement not exceeding 2500cc, if gasoline-fed or 2800cc, if diesel-fed, and with an engine not exceeding 4-cylinder
  4. Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with an engine displacement not exceeding 2700cc, if gasoline- fed, or 3000cc, if diesel-fed, and/or with an engine not exceeding 4-cylinder

Motor Vehicle Types under LGU Approval, using LG Funds (No need for DILG approval)


  1. Specific-purpose vehicles, such as medical ambulances, military and police patrol vehicles, armored vehicles, prisoners' vans and fire trucks.
  2. Heavy equipment, such as road construction equipment, cargo transport equipment, farm machinery, waste management/environ-mental sanitation equipment, and similar vehicles/equipment
  3. Locally assembled owner-type jeepney (engine displacement not exceeding 1800cc for gasoline or 2500cc for diesel fed)
  4. Assembled Passenger-type Vehicle (engine displacement not exceeding 2000cc for gasoline or 3000cc for diesel fed)
  5. Motorized Banca (Inboard engine displacement not exceeding 30 horsepower)
  6. Motorized Boat (Since specifications vary according to the manufacturer, model, intended use, etc., all pertinent data specifications about the proposed water transport must be supplied by the requesting agency)
  7. Vehicles for mass transport when necessary in the interest of public service; and
  8. Motorcycles and tri-wheeled vehicles (engine displacement from 200cc); beyond 200cc, depending on intended use, refer to DBM)


For purchases needing the DILG's approval, hereunder are the documentary requirements

1. Original copy of the Local Chief Executive's letter-request stating the type of motor vehicle to be purchased and its specifications

• type of motor vehicle _
(Car/Passenger Van/Pick-up/AUV/CUV/MPV/SUV)
• no. of units _
• engine displacement (in cc) _
• number of cylinder _
• type of fuel (Gasoline/Diesel) _
• purpose _
• deployment (office)
• Official email address

 All motor vehicles intended to be purchased shall not contain a brand name
 No post-purchase authority shall, or could be issued by the DILG.
 Acquisition of SUVs shall be strictly in accordance with the provisions under DBM Budget Circular No. 2017-1

2. Original copy of Certificate of Availability of Funds by the Local Accountant or Head of the Accounting Unit, or in his/her absence, the Local Treasurer or Budget Officer.(Please check if the fund source is allowed as stated in MC No. 2021-004)
The certificate must contain the following information:
 Source of Fund (please indicate year)
 Amount available
 Signed by the Accountant/Treasurer/ Budget Officer
 Appropriation Ordinance/ Resolution Number (optional)

3. Certified true copy of Appropriation Ordinance approving the purchase, and indicating the corresponding appropriations, (i.e., 1st and last two (2) pages of the Appropriation Ordinance, including the page that indicates the corresponding appropriations).

Note: Portion of the corresponding appropriations may be highlighted

4. Updated inventory/accounting of all existing motor vehicles duly certified by the LGU's Property/Supply Officer (current calendar year)

 Signed by the Property/Supply Officer

 Current calendar year
 Use of prescribed format (Form A) or showing the status/conditions/ worthiness (e.g., good, fair, repairable or unserviceable).

Additional Requirements (depending the on source of fund):

  • Current Sanggunian Resolution on fund utilization in case of trust funds such as, unexpended DRRM fund balances from previous year(s) and fund transferred/donated to the requesting –LGU from higher level LGUs, government corporations, etc.
  • In loan proceeds as fund source, a certified true copy of the loan agreement between the LGU and lending institution, supported by an appropriate sanggunian resolution
  • For Family Payment Rate (PFPR) or Philhealth Capitation Trust Fund, must be supported by a Local Ordinance or Resolution.