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BALER, Aurora – In line with its primary aim to pursue excellence in local governance, the Local Government Unit of Baler, in coordination with the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Liga ng mga Barangay-Baler Chapter, conducted a 4-day Seminar dubbed as Pursuing Excellence in Barangay Governance thru Legislation and Formulation of Different Plans in Consonance with Seal of Good Local Governance for Barangay” on February 25-28, 2019 at Maharajah Hotel, Angeles City, Pampanga.


In his opening message, Hon. Armando C. Bihasa, Sr., Municipal LnB Vice President, mentioned that the activity includes planning workshops to craft their respective Barangay Development Plan and Budget, Gender and Development Plan, and Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan. He also added that they should maximize their stay in the training and take advantage of all the learnings that they will gain in order to truly enhance their capacities as public officials.



Hon. Lysander R. Querijero, Municipal LnB President, also imparted his inspirational message where he told the barangay officials to be always at their best in rendering public service to their constituents to help in promoting local progress at the barangay level. He also underscored that the activity serves as preparation point for the barangay officials in facing and overcoming the challenges of leading the smallest political unit of the country towards development.




LGOO VI Armida C. Palispis, Ph.D., discussed the Gender and Development Plan and Budget where she underscored that the barangay officials should include gender sensitive programs, projects, and activities in their respective plans to cater the needs of the vulnerable and marginalized sectors in the communities. She also presented the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) for Barangay where she showed the indicators and parameters that will be complied in the full implementation of the program in 2020. There were apprehensions from the barangay officials that they might not comply all the requirements but LGOO VI Palispis stressed that through their commitment and cooperation, they will surely achieve the objectives of the program. Further, she discussed the contents of the MC regarding the conduct of Barangay Assembly for the First Semester of CY 2019, wherein she highlighted the details such as theme; schedule (with date, time, and venue); and the State of Barangay Address.


Meanwhile, Atty. Ofelio A. Tactac, Jr., CESO V, DILG Aurora Provincial Director, gave a lecture on Local Legislation, Administrative Investigation and Parliamentary Procedure, wherein the participants acquired additional skills and knowledge, particularly in resolving conflicts and disputes in the community. Moreover, he informed the barangay officials to be familiar with mandated policies and laws to ensure efficient operations in the community and to set proper venues for peace and progress in their respective barangays.

Engr. Manuel Q. Hernandez, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, discussed the Barangay Development Plan and Integration to Municipal Comprehensive Development Plan, in which he stated that the local government units are mandated to provide basic services to promote the overall development of the community. He mentioned to the participants that their plans should be complementary to the CDP of the municipality to truly address the concerns of their constituents. He also stated that the need to prepare a Barangay Development Plan is in accordance with the budgeting principle that local governmentbudgets shall operationalize the approved local developmentplans as mandated under Sec.305 of R.A. No.7160.Without the priority programs and projects embodied inthe plan,there is no basisfor the programming of funds.


Mr. Gabriel C. Llave, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer, discussed the Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan and Quality Assessment Tool. He also showed the different maps that should be present in the barangay such as spot map, resource/exposure map, hazard map, and risk map, to serve as guide in identifying hazards and vulnerable areas within the community.


Ms. Curie S. Bernardino, Municipal Budget Officer, discussed the DBM-DILG-NYC JMC No. 1, s. 2019 re: Guidelines in the Appropriation, Release, Planning, and Budgeting Process for the SK Funds. She said that the SK officials should wisely allocate their funds on programs, projects, and activities and they should ensure its alignment with that of the barangay and municipal plans in order to promote youth development. She also told the SK officials that she is always willing to guide and assist them in the preparation of their Comprehensive Barangay Youth Development Plan and Annual Barangay Youth Investment Program.


Hon. Nelianto C. Bihasa, Baler Municipal Mayor, said that in order to truly achieve a transparent, accountable, participative, and effective good local governance at the grassroots level, continuous provision of technical assistance should be provided to the elected and appointive barangay officials for them to effectively and efficiently deliver public service to the constituents.



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