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  • Request for Foreign Travel Authority

    Who can file a request for authority with the DILG to travel abroad?

    What are the requirements in securing a Travel Authority?

    How long will it take for a Travel Authority to be approved?

    Who approves the travel authority?

    When does a foreign travel entitle to the use of public funds?

  • Intelligence or Confidential Funds

    What are the requirements in securing a Department Authorization to utilize public funds for intelligence or confidential purposes?

    What is the basic condition to allow LGUs to use funds for intelligence or confidential purposes?

    What is the minimum allowable ceiling to use funds for intelligence or confidential purposes?

    What are the activities covered by intelligence or confidential funds?

  • Sisterhood or Twinning Relationship

    What are the steps in establishing a Sisterhood or Twinning Relationship?

    What are the administrative requirements relative to the request from NGOs, associations of professionals, foundations and other organized groups to conduct conventions, seminars and similar activities?

  • Lupong Tagapamayapa

    What is katarungang pambarangay?

    Who is the Chairman of the lupon?

    How many lupon members are there?

    What are the qualifications of a lupon member?

    What are the functions of the lupon?

    What is the Term of Office of the lupon members?

    Are lupon members entitled to compensation?

    How much is the filing fee?

    What disputes and offenses covered by KP?

    What disputes and offenses are not covered by the katarungang pambarangay?

    Can an individual file a case directly in court?

    Non- conciliable cases brought to the barangay

    What happens when a case outside the jurisdiction of the KP is settled amicably at the barangay level?

    What is mediation?

    What is conciliation?

    What is arbitration?

    Lupong Tagapamayapa Source

  • Millenium Development Goals Fund or MDG Fund

    What is the MDG fund?

    What LGUs are eligible for this financing?

    How can an LGU avail of this financing?

    What are the projects eligible for financing under the Fund?

    What are the loan terms and conditions of MDG Fund?

  • LGSP-LED LGU Participation

    What is LGSP-LED?

    What are the Legal bases for LGSP-LED implementation?

    How will LGSP-LED operate in the national and local levels?

    Who is funding and implementing LGSP-LED?

    What are the Responsibilities of DILG?

    What are the functions of the PSC?

    What are the Responsibilities of the DILG Management Team?

    What is the focus of the LGSP-LED assistance?

    What are the Project's guiding principles?

    What has been achieved so far?

    How was the selection process for Phase 1 undertaken?

    How will LGSP-LED be implemented?

    What is meant by competitive LGUs?

    What are the LGUs considered to be in a state of readiness for LED?

    How will Phase 3 be carried out?

    Who can avail of LGSP-LED assistance?

    Are there cross-cutting themes under LGSP-LED?

    What are the expected outputs for 2009?

    Who can be contacted for more information?

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