In the second iteration of the Gawad Sinukuan under the ALAYA component of LGRC, the DILG Pampanga directed its attention towards recognizing the exemplary achievements of its personnel. Building upon the transformative changes experienced in the preceding year, the spotlight was firmly placed on the province's remarkable accomplishments in relation to DILG PPAs.

The said activity captures the essence of the brilliance emanating from the collective efforts and accomplishments, emphasizing the province's dedication to promoting innovation, sharing successful models for replication, and radiating positive impact throughout the region.

The DILG Pampanga orchestrated the first GAWAD SULAYMAN with a theme "PAHUWAY: Pagpupugay sa Isang Dekadang Tagumpay" in December 5, 2023. Named after the first Filipino martyr for the country, Datu Tarik Sulayman of Macabebe, the new recognition platform is designed to bring premium and comprehensive awards in the implementation of Locally Funded Projects (LFP) programs.


In view of the 18-day campaign to end Violence against Women and their Children (VAWC), the DILG Pampanga spearheaded the activity titled “Shielding the Vulnerable: Providing Safe Spaces for All through Well-Equipped Officers” on November 28, 2023 via Zoom Application. The activity served as a venue to inform and equip the DILG Field Officers, members of the GFPS, LCPC, LCAT-VAWC, and Barangay VAW Desk Officers on the Expanded VAWC Bill and Safe Spaces Act.



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