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Since the start of the year, the Province of Bulacan has  adopted the cluster approach in the implementation and monitoring of DILG PPAs particularly in the barangay level.

Aside from monitoring the compliance to the Full Disclosure  Policy in both the Municipal and barangay governments, MLGOOs also monitored the compliance to the Citizen Charter, as well as the administrative requirements and other deficiencies of the barangays vis-à-vis the BGPMS. They also took turns in re-orienting the barangay officials in pertinent laws and issuances affecting local governance such as the ARTA Law, RA 9003 and roles of barangay officials in the Manila Bay Clean-up, Preservation and Rehabilitation Program.

To facilitate wider coverage, the two clusters formed subgroups within the cluster. For Cluster A, the cluster team approach was launched at the City of Malolos; while for Cluster B, the Municipality of San Miguel received the first baptism.

It is noteworthy to mention that the barangay officials were both surprised and elated that a number of DILG officers visited them and were appreciative of the innovative strategy in reaching out to our partners in the community.



Team building is an important morale booster for any organization, by improving employee relationships and fomenting overall trust. In order to rejuvenate the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of the DILG-BULACAN TEAM and to better improve the quality of services in assisting clientele to provide an outstanding delivery of basic, regular and direct services to the general public, a team building dubbed as “ a weekend get-away” was held on March 22-23, 2012 at St. Agatha Resort, Brgy. Sta. Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan.

On the first day, before the opening program, a sumptuous lunch was served for the team to enjoy.  At about 2:30 in the afternoon, the opening program started and PD Myra B. Moral presided over the conference, welcomed the participants and delivered her message, including the announcements and concerns with regard to the monitoring and reporting status of the Department’s PPAs. Afterwards, a simple tribute for his invaluable 37 years of providing the finest services to the Department and the public was given to LGOO VI RUFINO D. CRUZ as he reaches the mandatory retirement age come April 7, 2012. “Ka Ruping” delivered his short message by saying he is forever grateful to the Department, to his colleagues and friends and to the people whom he had the privileged to work with. The conference concluded after the new set of Officers of the DILG-EU and CDCC were elected.

At about 7:00 in the evening, a spiritual recollection which aims to provide an avenue for the team to mingle, blend and socialize with each other was led by Rev. Noel P. Santa Ana, Senior Pastor of the Christian Alliance Fellowship Church, San Miguel, Bulacan. Likewise, the said recollection was a perfect time to reflect on God’s goodness, to thank Him for the life and blessing He has given and to prepare oneself as the Holy Week swiftly approaches.  

Like other Local Government Units (LGUs) in the Philippines, Solid Waste Management (SWM) was a problem at Barangay Francisco Homes-Yakal, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

In order to address its own problem, the barangay started their own SWM  Projects in the year 2002. They attended series of orientations and seminars and joined series of Lakbay aral hosted by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO).  Such exposure to model LGU’s equipped the barangay officials with the necessary knowledge to implement the program in their jurisdiction. Through the able leadership and strong political will of the Punong Barangay supported by equally strong willed and cooperative Barangay Kagawads the projects were started. Coupled with the intense encouragement of the City ENRO, the barangay established their own Material Recovery Facili ty (MRF) which reduced the wastes disposed at the Open Dumpsite of the City.

Most importantly, the SWM program gave birth to the YAKAL MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE which was registered on September 2004. It has a total membership of 442, 100 of whom are regular members and 342 associate members. Its total assets today is P700,000. It was registered with the Cooperatives Development Authority on September 02, 2004. Henceforth, both barangay and Multi-purpose cooperative as its Non-government organization arm complement with each other and ventured into many joint undertakings beneficial to all members and constituents.
The main responsibility of the barangay now is just garbage collection because the Yakal Multi-Purpose Cooperative was born to take charge of waste segregation, recycling and production of fertilizers from biodegradable wastes.

The goal of this cooperative translates into the following specific objectives: to operate its own MRF; training and skills enhancement of the members regarding waste recycling; for the cooperative to pay the garbage collectors or eco aides from its sales of recycled products and fertilizers and pay the other administrative costs of the barangay hall like water and electricity; to increase the number of regular and associate members of the cooperative to complement the operations of Barangay Yakal Solid Waste Management.

The Yakal Multi-Purpose Cooperative resulted to having 85% - 90% of the population practicing waste segregation at household level (nabubulok at di-nabubulok); institutionalization of garbage collection four times a week – Tuesdays for non-biodegradable wastes, Thursdays for biodegradable wastes, Fridays and Saturdays for marketable wastes; and having trained eco-aides in charge of waste collection and giving the commensurate amount for marketable wastes collected per household who are members of the Multi -Purpose Cooperative as their additional capital contribution.  The cooperative also resulted to the installation and operationalization of their own composting center which produces organic fertilizer from biodegradable wastes sold at P25.00 per pack containing two (2) kilos; production of recycled products like banana and pineapple vinegars, flowers from candy peel, beads and cassava chips; organization of the Yakal Multi-purpose cooperative which aside from its main objective of savings and loan services to members also supervises the final sorting of non-biodegradable wastes into hazardous and non-hazardous, recycling of recyclables and marketing of finished products; and establishment of a functional Food Depot through availment of a P300,000.00 loan by the Multi-purpose cooperative from the City loan assistance program paid monthly with P50,000.00 balance as of today.   The total assets of the cooperative to date is P542,229.91 net

The successful Multi-purpose cooperative involves the following key implementation steps: acquire education through on-site visits; establish the organizational structure; conduct of IEC; enact legislation and ensure institutional support; develop the capacity of eco-aides; ensure sustainability of the solid wastes management program and the cooperative.  

Since the implementation of Barangay Yakal Solid waste Management program, many LGUs from all over the country had visited the city with the objective of replicating the two programs in their respective areas. Further, such good practice received many awards from the City, Province, Region and National government.

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