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Three Punong Barangays from the City of Balanga were endorsed as completers on the Barangay Newly-Elected Officials (BNEO) Online Webinar Platform on September 14, 2018. The BNEO Webinar aims to introduce existing technology for online learning to interested barangay officials, in tandem with face-to-face interventions to provide for their learning needs. The Punong Barangays of Brgy. Camacho, Cupang Proper and Dangcol were the participants in the said online platform.

In performing the necessary action needed to complete the program, the DILG Provincial Office of Bataan provided technical assistance starting from the enrollment process up to last stages towards graduation. On August 1, 2018, LGOO V Johnny F. Mandocdoc and ADA IV Donna Joy G. Nacar aided the PBs in making their accounts, and enrolling in the BNEO Online Platform followed by an overview and orientation on what the program is. Upon successful enrollment in coordination with the Regional Office, the Punong Barangays were given time and ease of access to navigate the portal at their own pace.

Following the enrollment, there was a check on the status of completion of each participant. The findings showed that the PBs had little to no progress, completing only 1 out if 4 lessons. To solve this issue, a follow-through activity was conducted on September 14, 2018 to ensure that the Punong Barangays would complete the course, comprehensively and timely. Again, the DILG Provincial Office of Bataan facilitated the learning of lessons, provision of quizzes and encoding of answers in the system. Upon completion, the DILG Provincial Staff congratulated the participants for their successful accomplishment and cooperation to the program. Further, the names of the successful completers were endorsed to the Regional Office for final screening.

Completers of the BNEO Webinar Online Course are expected to attend a recognition ceremony at the Regional Level as a way of appreciation for the efforts and support given by the Punong Barangays within Region III.