PAMPANGA - On June 22 at exactly 9:00 A.M., the Department of the Interior and Local Government Region III (DILG R3) participated in the 2nd Quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) dubbed as the "2nd #Pagyanig Challenge" to ensure preparedness during an actual earthquake.

To start the drill, the siren alarmed for a minute signaling the personnel to perform the standard procedure of "duck, cover and hold" during an earthquake. After the alarm, everyone went out and proceeded to the Evacuation Assembly Area in front of the building covering their heads, and following the evacuation plan posted in each room. The assigned team leader per division or section did headcount to assure that all employees are present in the assembly area.
Just like the 1st #Pagyanig Challenge, government agencies and interested individuals conducted the 2nd Quarter NSED to develop a "culture of preparedness" among Filipinos by educating them on how to properly respond to calamities such as strong seismic activities, especially the possible 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the National Capital Region (NCR).