The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region 3, thru the stewardship of Regional Director Florida M. Dijan, spearheaded the conduct of the 10-day live-in General Orientation or the first component of the 50th Batch LGOO Training. The activity, attended by thirteen (13) trainees, was conducted on September 15-29, 2015 at DILG Regional Office Conference Room, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

This orientation is intended to equip them with the knowledge and necessary competencies in the performance of their duties and responsibilities as a well-rounded Local Government Operations Officer (LGOO) and likewise prepare them in the next phase of the training.

RD Dijan, in her opening remarks, imparted the values of discipline, punctuality and respect to supervisors as essential attitude that must be possessed by a good LGOO.She encouraged all trainees to hurdle future challenges on the succeeding part of the training with much fervor, passion and enthusiasm.

The General Orientation consisted of 7 modules namely Effective Interpersonal Relations and Team Development, DILG and its Role in Local Governance, Dynamics of Local Governance, Assessment of LGU Operations and Performance, Project Development, Project Negotiation and Social Marketing, Managing Learning Events and Program Monitoring and Evaluation. It also included a reveille which started daily at 4:30 in the morning where the trainees were required to engage in physical exercises and cleaning of the regional office premises.

Furthermore, a one hundred twenty minute (120) examination was administered by the Training Team on September 29, 2015 which aimed to assess the learnings and knowledge gained by the trainees during the 10-day activity. During the culmination program, certificates of completion were distributed to the trainees. In closing, ARD Araceli San Jose hoped that the activity's objective of improving the knowledge and capabilities of the trainees on the Department's major programs was attained. She was in high hopes that the trainees will bring pride and honor to the region during their center training.