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R.O. III personnel doing the duck, hold, cover drill

As a proponent of Disaster Risk Reduction Management, the DILG Regional Office 3 participated in the 2012 1st Quarter National Earthquake Drill last March 15, 2012 to ensure preparedness in responding to a strong earthquake and to assess the evacuation and response plan of this office. 

The National Earthquake Drill was conducted simultaneously in selected schools, establishments, government and non-government offices in other parts of the country which had volunteered to participate. This is part of the continuing implementation of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council’s (NDRRMC) Four Point Plan of Action on Disaster Preparedness particularly on public information, education and communication as well as preparedness for response.  The nationwide Earthquake Drill is being conducted quarterly since 2006. 

As a preliminary activity, this Office conducted an orientation-briefing on Earthquake Preparedness among its personnel last March 8, 2012 in coordination with the Office of the Civil Defense - Region 3.

At exactly 10:30am of March 15, 2012, the alarm rang and signaled the start of the Earthquake Drill.  Immediately all DILG Regional Office 3 employees together with other guests and visitors performed the standard procedure of “duck, cover and hold” during earthquake occurrence.  After a minute of “shaking”, everyone went out and proceeded to the Evacuation Assembly Area in front of the building in an orderly manner using the most accessible exits as directed in the floor and exit plan that was designated per room.  A headcount was made to ensure that everyone is accounted for and no one is missing based on employee’s attendance and visitor’s logbook.

R.O. III personnel go in formation outside the building after the drill

Said activity was led by DILG 3 Regional Director Florida M. Dijan thru the Monitoring and Evaluation Division headed by OIC-MED Chief Lerrie S. Hernandez who is also the Regional DRRM Focal Person.