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PAMPANGA - DILG Region III, under the leadership of Regional Director Florida M. Dijan, had undergone an assessment of its Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) on June 27-28, 2016.


The assessors of the said activity composed of Mr. Carmelo John E. Vidal, Learning Research Institute (LRI) partner from the University of Luzon and Mr. Kristoffer Hufancia from the Local Government Academy (LGA), explained that the evaluation shall look into the consistency of the manifestations of knowledge-centric organization (KCO) behaviour, culture and characteristics observable in the knowledge management (KM) elements.

During the assessment, the team of assessors validated the present Knowledge Management (KM) strategies being employed in the LGRRC as well as systems and procedures in place which are contributory factors to its institutional development. A Focal Group Discussion and a Questionnaire cum Interview Guide through People, Process, Technology Strategy (PPTS) were also conducted to meet the following objectives:

a. to identify the changes LGRRC has effected to the behaviour and performance of the DILG regional operations;

b. to define the competencies of the LGRRC Team and LGRRC facilities i.e. physical structure and system to continually support the DILG Regional Office KM operations; and

c. to document good practices and lessons learned to develop a compilation of shareable experiences.

RD Florida Dijan, in her message, said that the result of the assessment will be very constructive in further improving the existing LGRRC operations both at the region and field level.

The LGRRC contributes in building learning communities that pursue local governance excellence through knowledge sharing and innovation.

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