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"Dati-rati po noong wala pa yung kalsada ay hirap ang mga taong nakatira doon sa pagbaba ng kanilang mga produkto gawa ng napakahirap at napakaputik na daan lalo na po kapag umuulan. Subalit noong naipagawa na ang kalsada ay malaki po ang naitulong nito sa mga taga bundok dahil po sa pagbaba ng produkto ay hindi na sila nahihirapan."
-Jackielene L. Santos (Kagawad, Brgy. Cozo)

 Cozo is one of the remote barangays in the municipality of Casiguran, and the least explored in the town due to poor road conditions. Residents' primary source of income is from coconut plantations, which require the farmers to get products from the highlands and transport it to the local markets. Unpaved roads, however, make this difficult, especially during rainy seasons.

Thanks to a grant from the F.Y. 2020 Local Government Support Fund – Assistance to Municipalities (LGSF-AM) Program, the Municipality of Casiguran has upgraded the 1,016-meter-long barangay road in Cozo, from gravel to concrete pavement. The project, with a budget allocation of PhP 11,264,000.00, significantly contributes to the farmers' relief from the difficulty of transferring their harvest on the formerly rough road. The residents of Barangay Cozo value the local access road since it makes their travel more comfortable, regardless of the weather.
The road has become a symbol of hope for the residents of Barangay Cozo, much as the DILG and LGU of Casiguran desire to provide services to its citizens.

Project Name : Local Access Road Upgrading in Barangay Cozo
Location : Brgy. Cozo, Casiguran, Aurora
Project Allocation : PhP 11,264,000.00
Completion Date : July 18, 2021
Program : FY 2020 LGSF-AM
Project Description : Upgrading of existing 1,016 meters Gravel Road to PCCP (Width =
5.00m and thickness = 0.20m with 1m unpaved shoulder on both sides) which include slope protection (546 L.M. Grouted riprap) & Drainage structure (16m x 1.25m x 1.25m Single Barrel RCBC)

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