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On May 6 and 10, 2022, the DILG Bulacan Provincial Office convened the Provincial Audit Team for the final table assessment of CY 2019 and 2021 Peace and Order Council (POC) and CY 2021 Anti-Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) Performance Audits. According to the DILG issuance, the Audit Team for both assessments is composed of the DILG, as the chair, PDEA, PNP, and CSO representative/s who are members of the council. A representative from the Office of the Chairperson (Provincial Government of Bulacan) is also present during the assessment.

 In both audits, the team assessed the compliance of their organizational structure pertinent to prescribed laws and their accomplishments through reports submitted in the POC Audit System and ADAC Functionality Monitoring System (FMS). Likewise, the team discussed whether the initiatives presented can be merited as innovations for the past three (3) years of the councils. However, considerations were given in some areas of the audit, particularly in the aspect of financial utilization, the conduct of meetings, and the accomplishments of programs and activities during the pandemic.

DILG Bulacan Provincial Director Darwin D. David stressed that concerted and collaborative efforts of the LGU, the DILG, and other National Government Agencies, are essential to pass the assessments which will manifest through the result of the audit. Moreover, he reminded the team that aside from rating the LGUs, the final table assessment should be maximized in identifying possible interventions that the LGUs may embrace to improve their performance in the years to come.

The 65.00% and above or functional result of the 2021 POC Performance Audit and 85.00% and above or the high functional result of the 2021 ADAC Performance Audit are needed in the Safety, Peace, and Order area of LGUs to pass the ongoing Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG).

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