In view of the DILG Circular 2019-06 re: Policies and Guidelines on the Use of Document Management System (DMS) and draft DILG Circular on the use of the DMS at the Regional and Field Offices, DILG Region III, thru the Regional Information and Communication Technology Unit (RICTU), conducted an on-line coaching on the system on April 1, 2020 through the use of Zoom application platform. The activity was participated in by the designated Records Officers of the three divisions (FAD, LG-CDD and LG-MED) including Office of the Regional Director staff.

The main objectives of the activity were to orient the participants with the needed knowledge, skills on DMS and its administration and provide demonstration/walkthrough on the use of the system in preparation for its implementation at the Regional Office.

ITO I Melerie Pineda explained the overview, objectives, process flow, user roles, types of documents processed and main features of the system. She also presented the Reports Generation and Dashboard facilities system features on the different types of documents processed including the procedure on how to access it under the DILG intranet.

Afterwards, Network Administrator Mark Louie and Database Administrator Paul David facilitated the live demonstration of the major features of the DMS specifically on Registering Documents/Document Registration into the system; Document Routing (internal and external) of received incoming documents to concerned office; Releasing of outgoing documents that were taken appropriate action; Viewing Document Details, Updating Document Details and Document Tracking (Incoming, Outgoing, Pending, Completed, Processed, Closed and Confidential Documents).

The DMS is a web application system developed by Central Office that aims to facilitate the storage, management, and tracking of the electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information throughout the Department


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