Ensuring effective implementation of development programs, the Olongapo City Development Council assessed the competency of the city government in planning and implementation of local development projects on July 26.

Prior to the assessment, LGOO VI Melissa D. Nipal, DILG, explained the importance of conducting Competency Assessment to identify the city's competency gaps in project planning and implementation to define the areas which require appropriate capacity enhancements.
LGOO VI Nipal also introduced the Competency Assessment Tool devised by the Local Government Academy to describe the competency of Local Government Units in project planning and implementation through set of proficiency levels and to identify the factors that facilitate or hinder LGUs in becoming globally competitive in terms of development planning.
Gordon College Pres. Imelda P. Soriano, member of City Assessment Team, specified the components of the Competency Assessment Matrix which describe and measure proficiency in project planning and management process.
The matrix is composed of 2 parts- General Assessment and Competency Assessment. The General Assessment includes focus questions, while the Competency Assessment comprises series of Competency Requirements which are divided into 4 areas of project planning and implementation: Project Identification and Development; Procurement and Contract Management; Project Implementation and Management; and Project Sustainability Planning.
The Competency Assessment determines the following requirements which are the foundation of an orderly development planning procedure: Valid Structures, Competent Workforce, Appropriate Culture and Attitude, Supportive Leadership and Political Processes, Efficient and Effective process and systems with updated technology, tools and techniques. It also provides a focused intervention to enhance LGU's Capacity on planning and implementation of Local Development Projects.


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