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Through the efforts of DILG Aurora, PD Ofelio A. Tactac, Jr., CESO V led a simulation activity on zoning containment that was participated by five contact tracing team members from the municipalities of Aurora on 9th of September at the DILG Aurora Provincial Office, Baler Aurora.

Initially, LGOO V Mary Joyce T. Bautista oriented the participants on the Zoning Containment. Zoning containment strategy aims to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the implementation of different levels of localized community quarantine in areas with suspect, probable, or confirmed cases.

Consequently, Gabriel Llave, MDRRMO-San Luis provided assistance on the Zoning Containment Simulation.



During the simulation, participants through the assistance of Mr.Llave categorized and declare geographical unit into zones and type of community quarantine and narrowed it down. They gathered information such as population, inventories of facilities and spot mapping which was used in the action planning.

Further, re-orientation on Contact Tracing was discussed by LGOO VII Dennis A. Daquiz to accentuate the role of the Contact Tracing Team (CTT) in restraining the spread of COVID-19 Virus. Followed by, ADA VI Bon Paby P. Mingua presented the Contact Tracing Report harmonization – further streamlined the monitoring and reporting on contact tracing which was more functional and easier to accomplish and has improved technical notes.


Contact tracing is an essential public health tool in breaking chains of COVID-19 transmission involves case investigation, contact tracing (tracing of close contact), and analyse exposures to identify sources of infection and patterns and pathways of transmission.



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