On April 29, 2024 the DILG Aurora Provincial Project Monitoring Team (PPMT), DILG Regional Office, and Dinalungan Monitoring Committee conducted the site and table validation for the Local Government Support Fund (LGSF) - Support and Assistance Fund to Participatory Budgeting (SAFPB). As one of the 75 identified municipalities under the program, Dinalungan’s collaboration with CSOs will be strengthened to provide better service and increase access to clean water supply.

The DILG PPMT also conducted a site inspection of the ongoing construction of a Farm-To-Market Road in Brgy Dibaraybay worth PhP 4,996,613.55, funded under the LGSF-Financial Assistance to Local Government Units (FALGU). The project is currently at 23.16% progress and its target completion date is June 2, 2024.

On April 30, 2024, the Municipal Project Monitoring Committee of Dinalungan conducted their quarterly meeting with MLGOO Madam Cassey N. Buenaventura as the facilitator while CTL Ariel G. Espinosa shared the opening remarks. Engr. Rosanna C. Hernandez presented the findings and observations from the conducted project inspections and Engr. Kenny Jean N. Iniwan communicated the remaining documentary requirements to the concerned department heads. PEO II Angel Oviatt coached the PMC secretariat on the use of the SubayBAYAN system for systematic and results-based monitoring of their FY 2024 projects funded under the 20% Development Fund. The LFP team also provided assistance to the LGU on the submission of project proposals under FY 2024 LGSF-FALGU through the Digital Requests Submission for Local Government Support Fund (DRSL) Application.

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