DILG Region III, in its effort to enhance its role for the mobilization and coordination of the application of resources for local governance capacity development, has implemented a second wave of the Webpage Development project for the LGUs in Central Luzon on October 1-3, 2014 and October 8-10, 2014 at Crown Legacy Hotel, Baguio City. The project is an initiative of the DILG Regional Management which jumpstarted in 2013 with the developed official LGU websites as outputs of the project’s first wave. The activity served as a follow-through activity to put more information value on the content of these sites.


  The activity was attended by a total of 101 LGU participants composed of Information Technology Officers, Public Information Officers, Administrative Officers, Tourism Officers and other staff regionwide.

The training was inclusive of four (4) modules namely, 1) Key Elements of News Writing 2) Basic Photography 3) Photojournalism and 4) Development of Audio Visual Presentations using Multimedia Software Application.

   Regional Director Florida M. Dijan expressed her appreciation towards the participants for their interest and willingness to enhance their skills on Website Development where they can also comply with the Full Disclosure Policy (FDP) of the Department and at the same time serve as a venue to promote tourism and share relevant information of their respective LGUs. She emphasized three major objectives of the activity namely, 1) in order for the Public information Officers to popularize all the Development Programs of their LGUs, 2) in order for the participants to market their LGUs, and make them locally competitive through the use of Web and 3) to enable them to post documents for Transparency and Accountability to foster Good Governance. In ending her message, RD Dijan urged the participants to maximize all the learnings they will gain and challenged them to be better public servant to their constituents.

  This project is in support to national government’s thrust to tread the “Tuwid na Daan” amongst LGUs in their pursuit of excellence in local governance particularly in the tenets of transparency and accountability in respective website postings of LGU affairs and transactions as well as promotion of LGU tourist attractions.

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