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[contentbox class="contentbox3"] The Department is primary catalyst for excellence in local governance that nurtures self-reliant, progressive, orderly, safe and globally competitive communities sustained by God-centered and empowered citizenry. [/contentbox]


[contentbox class="contentbox3"] The Department shall promote peace and order, ensure public safety, strengthen capability of local government units through active people participation and a professionalized corps of civil servants.[/contentbox]


[contentbox class="contentbox3"] [list class="Square-Checkmark"][li] Peaceful, safe, self-reliant and development-dominated communities;[/li] [li] Improve performance of local governments in governance, administration, social and economic development and environmental management;[/li][li] Sustain peace and order condition and ensure public safety.[/li][/list][/contentbox]



[contentbox class="contentbox3"] [list class="Square-Checkmark"][li] Reduce crime incidents and improve crime solution efficiency[/li][li] Improve jail management and penology services[/li][li] Improve fire protection services[/li] [li] Continue professionalization of PNP, BFP and BJMP personnel and services[/li][li] Enhance LGU capacities to improve their performance and enable them to effectively and efficiently deliver services to their constituents[/li][li]Continue to initiate policy reforms in support of local autonomy[/li][/list][/contentbox]

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