The DILG Aurora and its Local Governance Resource Center "TAMBULI", in collaboration with DWBW 92.1 RTV Baler, and Radyo Kaedup, aired the 17th episode of Usapang DILG: Gabay sa Pamamahalang Lokal, on September 8, 2023.

 For this episode entitled, "Husay ng Barangay, Palakasin! 2023 SGLGB, Ating Talakayin", PM Mary Joyce T. Bautista and LGOO VI Florenz Zaira B. Buenconsejo discussed the Seal of Good Local Governance for Barangays, a performance assessment and recognition system that aims to give distinction to barangays with remarkable performance across various governance areas.

This program encourages barangays to continuously progress in delivering efficient, equitable and quality public services and puts primacy to integrity and good performance as pillars of meaningful local autonomy and development. (DILG MC 2023-103)