Calendar of Activities for June 2015

June 2, 2015- PPRAT Organizational Meeting and BUB Project Implementation FY 2015-2016 Status Report at Old Capitol Amphitheater, Cabanatuan City

June 10, 2015- PDRRMC Coordination Meeting at Old Capitol Amphitheater, Cabanatuan City 

June 16, 2015- CSO Provincial Forum at Sierra Madre Suites, Palayan City

June 18, 2015- DILG Provincial Conference at DILG Provincial Office Cabanatuan City

June 25, 2015 - Orientation-Workshop of BUB Projects Monitoring Team at Marco Polo Resort, Sto. Domingo Nueva Ecija

June 29-30, 2015- WEmboree: A Disaster Resiliency Youth Camp, Boy Scout of the Philippines Campsite, Palayan City


 Provincial Local Officials (2013-2016)
City & Municipal Local Officials (2013-2016) 
 Sanggunian Members (2013-2016)
Directory of Updated Local Chief Executives




RESPONDING to the immediate needs of the victims of ‘Yolanda’, the provincial government of Tarlac[PGT] launched “TawidTulongVisayas”, a relief effort drive aimed at extending aid to the millions of victims of the super typhoon in the Visayas region.

   Governor Victor Yap, who called on all Tarlaquenos to donate whatever they can as the survivors badly need aid as almost all of the people in the path of the super typhoon were left homeless and lacking food and water, said that we have to act as one and help our brothers and sisters who were unfortunate victims of “Yolanda.”


   “This is the time for us to exercise the true meaning of Bayanihan. Everything that we can spare for our Visayan brothers and sisters should be donated to the PGT’s relief drive,” Yap said.

   Donations of used canned goods, noodles, bottled water, candles, rice, biscuits, shoes, sleepers, bags, toys, matches, sterilized and powdered milk, bath and laundry soaps, diapers, coffee, toothpaste, blankets, used clothes, among others were immediately received by the PGT from Tarlaquenos in its first few days of accepting donations.

   The historic MuseongProbinsiya was temporarily turned into a relief operations re-packaging station with hundreds of volunteers helping.
   According to Yap, the influx donation is a healthy sign that Tarlaquenos love their fellow Filipinos.

   “It is heart-warming to see the influx of donations and the volunteers rendering their services round-the-clock…Tarlaquenos are working to save lives,” Yap pointed-out.
   The relief drive started accepting donations last November 11 and the first batch of relief goods were transported to the Visayas region last November 22.
   “I thank all those who already donated and I urge our fellow Tarlaquenos to continue donating,” he said.

   Aside from the “TawidTulongsaVisayas” drive, the PGT likewise cancelled its traditional Christmas party and will instead donate the budget for the annual yuletide festivity to the super typhoon victims.

   “Yolanda” [international codename Haiyan] is recognized to be the strongest typhoon in recorded history ever to make landfall.


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