The National Assessment Team composed of ARD Maria Loisella E. Lucino - Regional Office, LGOO V Emarie Quema-Deiparine, SGLG co-focals, Region 7, PD Dennis S. Quiñones - Siquijor Province, and LGOO V Jupiter Dawa - SGLG co-focals, Region 7, led the National Validation on the four municipalities of Aurora (Baler, San Luis, Maria Aurora and Dingalan) which were considered as potential passers for the FY 2022 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) on September 13-14, 2022.

This is to validate the compliance of the four municipalities on the governance area's indicators as stipulated on the SGLG Law.

Aside from the NAT, to assist on the simultaneous assessments, are DILG Aurora OIC-Provincial Director, Ener P. Cambronero, CESE, LGOO VII Ariel G. Espinosa, LGOO V Maricar Janice C. Perez, and LGOO II Reyner L. Buenconsejo.


After a two-year deferment of the SGLG due to the pandemic situation, the Seal was once again implemented for the FY 2022, with an upgraded set of indicators and assessment areas since it was signed into law in 2019 through R.A. 11292.

The SGLG 2022 covers 10 governance areas, as listed below:

1. Financial Administration and Sustainability,

2. Disaster Preparedness,

3. Social Protection and Sensitivity,

4. Health Compliance and Responsiveness,

5. Sustainable Education,

6. Business-Friendliness and Competitiveness,

7. Safety, Peace and Order,

8. Tourism, Heritage Development, Culture and the Arts,

9. Environmental Management, and

10. Youth Development.

The SGLG, as the Department's flagship program, is the DILG's primary evaluation instrument for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of LGUs in complying with national laws and policies that are key to providing quality service to the public.


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