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The DILG Aurora Provincial LFP team travelled to the towns of Dilasag and Dipaculao to monitor LGSF projects funded through the Financial Assistance to Local Government Units (FALGU) program. This is to ensure the compliance of Local Government Units in implementing the projects under the said program. Monitoring parameters such as timeliness, documentary completeness/accuracy, and quality are all monitored and evaluated.

Two (2) farm-to-market road projects in the municipality of Dilasag were inspected. One is located in Brgy. Manggitahan, where a 415-meter road amounting to PhP 4 Million has been constructed. The other one is located at Brgy. Maligaya and has a fund allocation amounting to PhP 10 Million which will result in the construction of a 528-meter road with slope protection and drainage canal. These road improvements address the problem in transportation of farm products and commodities to the market.

Meanwhile, the Barangay Electrification project and Construction of Public Market in the municipality of Dipaculao were also inspected. Four (4) barangays in Dipaculao are expected to benefit from the electrification project amounting to PhP 3 Million. The project includes extension of single-phase lines in Barangays Calaocan, Gupa and Lipit, and extension and installation of secondary line in Barangay Dianadiawan.

On the other hand, the Construction of 36-meters by 19-meters Wet Section of Dipaculao Public Market will provide a secure place for vendors and consumers of meat, fish and other fresh produce. Said project has a budget allocation amounting to PhP 7 Million.


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