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RD Florida Dijan shares opening message before IAS satff and DILG R-3 Mgt. Team

DILG R-3 had its Mid-Year Performance Review for CY 2012 on July 5-6, 2012 at Forest View, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City.  It was participated in by Regional Top Management which includes the Regional Director, Asst. Regional Director, Division Chiefs, Asst. Div. Chiefs and section/unit chiefs/heads of the Finance Administrative Division (FAD) and Office of the Regional Director (ORD).  The activity was conducted to review the past six months accomplishments and operations of the region for this year at the same time revisit the remaining targets for the second semester in order to better improve Region 3’s organizational performance.

RD Florida Dijan, in her opening message, expressed openness and appreciation of the Regional Management to suggestions and feedbacks to further improve the existing systems and procedures being done at the Regional Office.  She said the importance of simplifying the complex things to surpass previous accomplishments.  She also stated the different stages of developing a team which consist of forming, norming, performing and storming. She stressed that leading is equipping people, investing in them and maximizing their talents to develop new leaders such that the Department in the region will be in better hands in the future.  She urged the support and convergent efforts of everyone towards achieving better performance and excellence in Region 3.  

Atty. Anthony Nuyda, Director of Internal and Audit Service (IAS), Central Office led the Exit Conference of DILG R-3 Management and Operations Audit Findings conducted by their team on June 18-22, 2012.  He said that the internal governance capacity of the organization must be equally looked into and that IAS findings will serve as vital inputs to Region 3’s performance review.  Atty. Benjamin Zabala, Team Leader of the IAS Audit Team, presented the findings and recommendations in terms of improving the financial and management operations in the region.

ARD Abraham Pascua, concurrent PD of Nueva Ecija, thanked IAS for their efforts in coming up with the DILG R-3 Management and Operations Audit in which the Regional Management will take as positive feedback in the improvement of the regional operations.  He expressed willingness and assured his support to contribute in making Region 3 perform better and achieve greater.

The second part of the activity was a workshop on the DILG R-3’s First Semester Accomplishments and Performance Appraisal for CY 2012.  The workshop was focused on three questions namely, 1) What Went Well, 2) What We nt Wrong or What Bothers Me and 3) What Needs to Be Done.  Contemplating on these guide questions, the members of the Regional Management Team came up with an analysis of each program based on the 5 DILG program outcomes.  LGOO IV Carren Musni, designated Regional Planning Officer, also presented the core messages on each program outcome which Secretary Jesse Robredo wanted for all DILG employees to understand by heart.  Likewise, FAD Chief Anita Adriano discussed the present communication flow of documents being adopted by the region.  Inputs from the group were solicited to better facilitate the communication system.

DILG R-3 Mgt. Team brainstorms on DILG R-3 Program Evaluation/

The second day was a presentation of the workshop output to RD Dijan.  As a synthesis of the two-day activity, RD Dijan facilitated a balloon game where the participants expressed their thoughts, plans and promises to do better and strive harder in respective duties and tasks for the succeeding semester.


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