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   DILG Region III, under the leadership of Regional Director Florida M. Dijan, had undergone an assessment of its Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) on September 25-26, 2012.  The team of assessors composed of two personnel from DILG Region and one LGA Officer.  


   The LGRRC assessment aims to reiew the performance of LGRCs towards making the DILG a knowledge-centric organization.  Asst. Regional Director Abraham Pascua, LGRRC-3 program manager, together with all the members participated in the two-day activity.

  RD Florida Dijan, in her message, said that the result of the assessment will be very constructive in further improving the existing LGRRC operations both at the region and field level.

   During the assessment, the team of assessors validated the present Knowledge Management (KM) strategies being employed in the LGRRC as well as systems and procedures in place which are contributory factors to its institutional development.  Workshops on Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) on people, technology, process, knowledge assets, social network and the LGRRC-3 team were also done.   

   The site validation is the second phase of the assessment process being conducted by LGA with the involvement of LGRRC members in different regions.  This is a follow-through activity of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Forum held in Cebu City last July 2012 which oriented the participants on the tools for assessing LGRC operations to prepare them as assessors.


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