The Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) Committee convened on November 14, 2023 for their 4th quarter meeting at the Governor's Conference Room, Baler, Aurora.

 This was held to discuss the insurgency situation in the Province of Aurora and to give updates on the assistance being provided by the partner local government offices and national government agencies. The plans for the orientation and provision of assistance for the people's organization of the FRs were also planned out during the meeting. The committee aims to further assist the FRs by imparting knowledge on life skills and orienting them on different programs of the government which are beneficial in improving their quality of life.

The ECLIP Committee members present during the meeting were: DILG Aurora Cluster Team Leader Ariel G. Espinosa, LGOO VI Florenz Zaira B. Buenconsejo, PSWDO Abegaiel F. Paulino, SWO Camay Joy D. Bernardo, Capt. Candidato S. Paduman of the Philippine Army, PLtCol Alexie Belley and Pssg. Sally Budadda of the Philippine National Police and Mr. Leo Iniwan as representative of Adventist Community Services.