March 17, 2015, Capitol Compound, CSFP- “It is well clear that the pursuit of peace in Pampanga and an orderly conduct of life for every Kapampangan regardless of their social status is the commitment of the Governor and other Local Chief Executives”, parting words from Hon. Rosve V. Henson, speaking in behalf of the POC Chairman Hon. Lilia G. Pineda, and the Provincial Government of Pampanga, perfectly summarizing the end goal of the Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting.

Year after year, a joint PPOC-PADAC meeting is conducted to know the present peace and order situation of the province in order to assess the overall peace performance vis-à-vis resolutions set on the previous council meeting.

One of the highlights of the meeting was a report from the 703rd IB of the Philippine Army that the Province of Pampanga remains to be peaceful and orderly in terms of Internal Peace and Security. They added that the province is insurgency-free thus declared as “Peaceful and Ready for Further Development”.

The Philippine National Police reported an increase in crime volume for both index and non-index crimes and a decline in crime solution efficiency compared to last year, which caused concern and unrest from the council especially from the POC Chair, Hon. Lilia G. Pineda.

Dir. PSSupt. Rodolfo Recomono, Jr. is quick to rebuff and explain though that such increase of the former is due to more active reporting from the citizenry and a change in reporting parameters which were not present from the previous year. The police force also initiated numerous police operations and the introduction of “Oplan Lambat-Sibat” that added to the total number of reported crimes.

As for the latter, the decrease in crime solution efficiency is due in part to the heightened crime volume and some victims simply cease to push thru with the case. The Peace and Order situation in the Province, as per PNP, is still relatively orderly.

One of the highlights of their report is the arrest of four most wanted criminals including the #1 most wanted person of the Municipality of San Luis and 79 wanted persons all under “Operation Charlie”.

POC Chairman Hon. Lilia G. Pineda asked the PNP to give her figures on what additional logistical or funding support they need to address the present crime volume and expected improvement on succeeding POC meetings.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency gave a brief background on the factors affecting the vulnerability of the Region to Illegal Drugs which includes the following: strategic location, existence of commercial, business and industrial establishments, long shoreline and high seas of Bataan, Aurora and Zambales, existence of airports and seaports and the 3 Special Economic Zones.

With their efforts, PDEA R3 was the Top 2 Highest in the arrest of High-Value Targets and Top 4 in the conduct of High-Impact Operations.
The agency reported that 38.61% of all barangays in Pampanga is drug affected and committed to clean the slate by at least 20% or 2 affected barangays per municipality by the end of the year.

Dir. Jeffrey C. Tacio also conveyed his unending gratitude to Hon. Lilia G. Pineda for her support in the construction of their office building which the governor answered by expressing and committing additional support in the form of office equipment and a service vehicle for the agency’s use.

For the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, main concern is the condition of district jails. POC Chair Lilia G. Pineda directed Administrator Arnold Buenacosa to create an inventory on the condition of the district jails and inmates alike so that construction or improvements can be made to these facilities.
A recurring theme in the Bureau of Fire Protection, major issue is the use of decades-old fire trucks that made the POC Chair quite aghast and directed all Local Chief Executives to communicate with their respective local fire marshals for the provision or customization of more reliable and serviceable trucks.

In order to strengthen and sustain the peacefulness and orderliness enjoyed by the Province, POC Chair Lilia G. Pineda directed all LCE’s to give her a titled lot under their respective LGU’s so that construction of new police stations can start as soon as possible. These new police stations and sub-stations will provide much improved police visibility, crime solution efficiency and sustenance of the burgeoning economic growth of each municipality.

Indeed, peace and order is a priority commitment of the Governor and the Government of Pampanga. To sum things up, Hon. Gov. and POC Chair Lilia G. Pineda tells the council, “Para sa akin bilang Gobernador ninyo, bilang Nanay ninyo, gusto ko, wala nang patayan, gusto ko, wala nang trials ang Pampanga, gusto ko, ung mga naliligaw ng landas na Kapampangan, sumama na sa atin, sumama na sa gobyerno, para wala na tayong gastos, wala na tayong gastos sa PNP, wala na tayong gastos sa government, wala nang gastos ang probinsya, ibibigay na lang natin na pagkain sa mga nasasakupan natin, wala na tayong pinaguusapang mga problema.”