On December 09, 2022, the DILG Aurora and its Local Government Resource Center "TAMBULI", in collaboration with DWBW 92.1 RTV Baler, premiered the fifth episode of USAPANG DILG: GABAY SA PAMAMAHALANG LOKAL.

 For the episode, the topic discussed was the SEAL OF GOOD LOCAL GOVERNANCE or the SGLG.
Recently awarded Top Performing Provincial SGLG Focal Persons in the Philippines, LGOO V Florenz Zaira B. Buenconsejo served as the resource person for the program.

LGOO V Buenconsejo discussed the 10 governance areas under SGLG 2022, as listed below:

1. Financial Administration and Sustainability,
2. Disaster Preparedness,
3. Social Protection and Sensitivity,
4. Health Compliance and Responsiveness,
5. Sustainable Education,
6. Business-Friendliness and Competitiveness,
7. Safety, Peace and Order,
8. Tourism, Heritage Development, Culture and the Arts,
9. Environmental Management, and
10. Youth Development.

The SGLG, as the Department's flagship program, is the DILG's primary evaluation instrument for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of LGUs in complying with national laws and policies that are key to providing quality service to the public.

SGLG for Barangays, however, is set to be undertaken by 2023.

Information Officer, LGOO II Gerald Philip DC. Esteves served as the programme host.


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