To further assist the Local Government Units (LGUs) in assessing the effectiveness of the performance of the Barangay Development Councils (BDCs), DILG Zambales spearheads the conduct of Orientation on the Guidelines in the Monitoring of the Functionality of the BDCs for the Municipal Assessment Teams (MATs) on August 22, 2019 at Balin Sambali, Iba, Zambales.


LGOO VI Cindy C. Cagalitan and LGOO VI Kristine Joy B. Pesimo discussed the DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2019-69 entitled “Guidelines in the Monitoring the Functionality of the BDCs” emphasizing the roles of the Municipal Assessment Teams (MATs), assessment process and indicators in determining the functionality of the BDCs.

Barangay Development Council (BDC), considered as the mother of all special bodies in the barangay being the umbrella of all barangay-based institutions (BBIs), assists the Sangguniang Barangay in setting the direction of economic and social development at the barangay level.

The Municipal Assessment Teams (MATs) shall gauge the functionality of the BDCs annually, from July to September of the current year, in terms of Structure, People, Systems, People’s Participation and Good Practices indicators as set forth by the guidelines. The results of the assessment shall serve as benchmark data in the performance of the BDCs that will guide the Department and other partner agencies in enhancing the interventions to capacitate the BDCs based on their level of functionality.