*Vacant Positions as of November 9, 2022

*Vacant Positions as of September 21, 2022

*Vacant Positions as of June 22, 2022

*Vacant Position as of May 23, 2022


*Vacant Positions as of March 02, 2022

*Vacant Positions as of February 23, 2022

*Vacant Positions as of October 11, 2021

*Vacant Position for Regional Assistant Coordinator as of March 30, 2021

*Vacant Position for Regional Coordinator as of March 15, 2021

*Vacant Positons for Administrative Assistant II as of March 3, 2021

*Vacant Positions for Project Evaluation Officer III as of February 22, 2021

*Vacant Positions for Engineer II and Project Evaluation Officer II as of February 11, 2021

Vacant Positions as of February 10, 2021

Vacant Positions as of December 9, 2020

* Hiring of Contact Tracers - September 2020

Vacant Positions as of August 10, 2020

Vacant Positions as of July 01, 2020 

* Vacant Positions as of February 21, 2020

* Hiring of LGOO II (Aurora, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac), LGOO III (Pampanga, Angeles City), LGOO V (Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Angeles City) and LGOO VI (Bulacan) as of November 28, 2019

* Hiring of Administratve Aide IV (Regional Office) and LGOO V (Regional Office) as of November 12, 2019

* Hiriing of three (3) ADAS II as of August 7, 2019

* Hiring of ADAS II and ADA IV (Nueva Ecija), two ADA IV (Bataan), ADA IV (Pampanga) as of February 28, 2019

* Hiring of two LGOO V (Bulacan), LGOO V (Bataan), LGOO V (Tarlac), three LGOO V (Zambales), two LGOO V (Nueva Ecija), LGOO V (Region Office), LGOO IV (Region Office), two LGOO III (Bulacan) as of February 14, 2019

* Hiring of LGOO VII (Bulacan), LGOO VI (Tarlac), LGOO VI (Tarlac), LGOO VI (Pampanga) as of February 11, 2019

*Hiring of ADA VI (Pampanga), ADA VI (Zambales) as of January 31, 2019

* Hiring of LGOO V (Regional Office), LGOO III (Nueva Ecija) and Admin Aide IV (Angeles City) as of January 3, 2019

Hiring of Supervising Adminitrative Officer, Administrative Officer III (Records Officer (II), Statitiscian I, Local Govermnent Operations Officer II, Administrative Assistant II (Accounting Clerk III), Administrative Aide IV as of November 9, 2018

* Hiring of Administrative Aide IV as of October 23, 2018

Hiring of Local Government Operations Officers II, IV, V, VI, VII, Administrative Assistant II, III, and Admnistrative Aide IV as of October 19, 2018

Hiring of Local Government Operations Officers II, III and IV as of September 26, 2018

Hiring of Local Government Operations Officers V and III as of September 20, 2018

Hiring of Local Government Operations Officer VI as of September 13, 2018

Hiring Local Government Operations Officer V as of August 22, 2018

* Hiring of Administrative Assistant III as of August 9, 2018

Hiring of Legal Officer, LGOOs V and VI as of June 21, 2018

Hiring of Regional Head Coordinator, Regional Assistant Coordinator Coordinator  for the Bantay Kaagapay Program and Technical Assistant for the Anti-Drug Abuse Council Program

Hiring of Technical and Administrative Positions as of April 27, 2018

Hiring of Regional Project Officers and Provincial Coordinators for the Center for Federalism and Constitutional Reform (Transition to Federalism)

2018 Vacant Technical and Administrative Positions as of March 16, 2018

* Hiring of two (2) Technical Assistants for the Strengthening of Anti-Drug Abuse Councils Program

* Technical and Administrative Positions 

Provincial Development Management Officer III

* Provincial Development Management Officer II

* 2018 Technical and Administrative Positions

* 2018 LGOO VI and LGOO V Positions

* 2018 Vacant LGOO II Positions

* 2018 Vacant LGOOs VI, LGOO V and LGOO IV positions

Hiring of Local Government Operations Officers II, III and IV as of September 26, 2018

* Notice of Vacancy as of January 2020