The Project Development Management Section of the Department of the Interior and Local Government Region 3 in coordination with the Office of the Project Development Services (OPDS) conducted an Orientation and Consultative-Workshop on the Build Back Better Operations Manual to selected LGUs of Central Luzon on November 20-22, 2017 at Grace Crown Hotel, Angeles City.

The activity aims to inform the LGUs about the existing Operation Manual on Build Back Better and its importance to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants regarding the preparations of project scoping and design after calamities and to provide the participants greater level of awareness in disaster resilience and preparedness.

On the first day of the activity, Engr. Mario Paz gave an overview regarding the BBB Operations Manual. After the overview, he gave the floor to Engr. Armando Tanael Jr. for the discussion of the Module 1 Pre and Post Event Infrastructure Assessment Project Stage: Initation.

The next day, Engr. Shyrrah Escoderos and Engr. Mario Escoderos have discussed the Module 2 BBB Project Scope: Planning and Design and the Module 3 BBB Detailed Design, Documentation Development and Verification Project Stage, respectively. Further, there was an open forum and workshop after the discussion of the 2 Modules.

Moreover, at the last day of the activity, Engr. Noel P. Manaois presented the Module 4 BBB Construction and Quality Project Stage: Implementation. Afterwards, he facilitated a mini-workshop regarding the topic to know if the participants have concerns and issues to raise. After the workshop, Mr. Jeffrey Manalastas gave his closing remarks and thanked the participants and resource speakers for the success of the activity.