The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Zambales headed by Provincial Director Armi V. Bactad, CESO V, conducted a "Provincial Roll-out on the conduct of the Anti-Drug Abuse Council Performance Audit and Awards for Audit Year 2021" on April 8, 2022 via Zoom Video Conference platform. The orientation aimed to further achieve the success of local government units' (LGUs') revitalization and strengthening of their respective Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (ADACs) in terms of functionality and effectiveness.

 The activity was participated in by LGU ADAC Focal Persons and encoders from the 13 municipalities and Provincial Government of Zambales, DILG Cluster Team Leader, Municipal Local Government Operations Officers (MLGOOs), and Provincial Focal Person.

Provincial ADAC Focal Person, Local Government Operations Officer VI Maharlina J. Tejada, led the discussion of the Memorandum Circular 2022-034 titled, "Guidelines in the conduct of ADAC Performance Audit and Awards for Audit Year 2021," which provides the guidelines, criteria, and tools for assessing the functionality and effectiveness of local ADACs.

In addition, Administrative Assistant ll Denver Yumul, Provincial Information Technology Officer presented the ADAC – Functionality Monitoring System (FMS), which is the official monitoring tool for the ADAC functionality and performance for easy evaluation, assessment, and sharing of best practices between ADACs at their respective levels. Afterwards, he walked the participants through the entire system from the encoding/uploading of means of verifications (MOVs) to the auditing process, up to the final submission for validation of the report, for an actual demonstration of its usage.

The ADAC Performance Audit aims to assess the functionality and effectiveness of local ADACs based on existing policies that determine ADAC – initiated and/or –endorsed innovations, and best practices at all levels to create an evaluation, and assessment platform and recognize effective, and performing ADACs. This initiative is in line with the commitment of the Department t keeping up with its mandate of performance oversight over LGUs, as well as providing the necessary technical assistance on their duties and responsibilities to vanquish the spread of illegal drugs, in view of existing laws and policies on anti-illegal drugs and substance abuse.


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