"A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart."

- Hercules

 Amidst the chaos we are facing due to the threats posed about by COVID-19, there are unsung and uncelebrated heroes - our Frontliners.

Many are unarmed to face this battle and yet are brave enough to selflessly and courageously continue serving the country.

While most of us resorted to staying at home working and being with our loved ones, our frontliners - local officials and functionaries, barangay workers, police and army personnel, health workers, hospital employees, market vendors, cleaners, employees of groceries, pharmacies and other allowed industries, delivery men, volunteers, media personalities, and countless others - continue to withstand through traffic, lack of public transport, and checkpoints to heed the call in helping to minimize the effects of this pandemic.

To all the men and women on the frontline of this pandemic, we salute and applaud your utmost dedication and compassion to our countrymen despite having to sacrifice your own health and safety. You are our modern day heroes!