The fight against coronavirus isn't over yet. It is far from over as cases worldwide and even in our country is still increasing. And as long as antivirals and vaccine are yet to discover, it would be difficult to go back to our normal lives. With this, we are urge to face and embrace the new normal to go on with our lives. And, Novo Ecijanos are ready for this new normal life after lockdown.

 Wearing face mask at all times and social distancing would be a basic part of the new normal after community quarantine is lifted. It is one precautionary measures to further avoid the possible spread of virus in the absence of vaccine and antivirals.

New normal is further explained as lawmakers filed a "new normal" bill which outlines policies and guidelines for public places and workplaces after lifting the community quarantine. This bill aims to institutionalize public safety measures once COVID-19 restrictions are relieved. This also aimed to protect the most vulnerable members of the community as well as ensuring health safety for all.

Some safety measures and protocols will be implemented to public transportation, public and private workplaces and business establishments, and even to education at all levels.


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