CITY OF MALOLOS – Department of Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra led the ceremonial flag raising as the Province of Bulacan commemorates the 120th anniversary of the First Philippine Republic held at the historical Church of Barasoain, on January 23, 2019. In his speech, he left to the participants the challenge of continuously fighting for the freedom our ancestors showered their blood for.

On this same tone was the speech of Hon. Christian D. Natividad, Mayor, City of Malolos, embedding the year's celebration theme "Unang Republika ng Pilipinas, Saligan sa Pagtataguyod ng Ganap na Pagbabago": once again, calling everyone's understanding on how greatly the footing of the First Philippine Republic had impacted the complete turnaround of events during the Spanish colonization and the importance of bearing in everyone's heart its contribution to the freedom and pride we are enjoying in the present times.

On the other hand, in his message, Provincial Governor, Hon. Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado narrated how far we have gone from the day the First Philippine Republic was established and he enumerated the paces that the Bulakenyos have taken, further from that very same day that marked the Filipinos' first step to a complete freedom.

The Ceremony has unlocked the opening of the Malolenyos' celebration of the Fiesta Republica, still in commemoration of the First Philippine Republic alongside with the other historical events coincided at the Historical City of Malolos.


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