Department of the Interior and Local Government Central Luzon conducted the                 “Regional Roll-Out Orientation on Barangay Advocacy on the Prevention of Corruption”  on December 3-4,2018. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Barangay Volunteers coming from different barangays of the Province of Bulacan participated the activity.


This activity was in line with the thrusts of the current administration to reduce corruption through the three-pronged strategy to combat corruption through education by improving awareness regarding corruption; prevention by reducing opportunities to do corrupt acts; and determent by raising the probability of catching the corrupt and rewarding good practices, all achieved through partnerships and community mobilization, and community-specific, LGU-nuanced, and DILG-focused capacity development interventions

Furthermore, the activity gained its purpose to mobilize the Civil Society Organizations for this campaign by providing deeper understanding and knowledge about good governance, Anti-corruption legal measures and institutional mechanisms, role and entry points where the CSOs can participate in the prevention of corruption and the guideposts in promoting and sustaining barangay good governance.  


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