In order to come up with specific and uniformed Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) Success Indicators (SI), DILG R-3 has conducted a Writeshop on the crafting of SIs on June 4-5, 2018.

 The activity facilitated by DILG Central Office Supervising Administrative Officer Jenny Naz-Nuyda was participated in by Cluster Team Leaders, Program Managers, City and Municipal Local Government Operations Officers and Regional Office personnel.

During the writeshop, Success Indicators appropriate for personnel's actual tasks were crafted in order to ensure a more effective implementation of SPMS. Upon approval of the Central and Regional Offices, the activity's output, in addition to the initial standard SIs will be adapted by the whole Department. Issues and concerns relative to the system were also raised during the activity.

According to the Civil Service Commission, SPMS is a mechanism that links employee performance with organizational performance to enhance the performance orientation of the compensation system. It ensures that the employee achieves the objectives set by the organization and the organization, on the other hand, achieves the objectives that it has set as its strategic plan.