Calendar of Activities for March 2017 

March 7-10, 2017 Retooling of Trainers on the Formulation of Comprehensive Development Plan of LGUs

March 7, 2017 - Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC) Orientation - Reinventing the Knowledge-Centric Organization

March 6-8, 2017 - Technical Assistance on the CBMS APP Module I Training of Pilar, Bataan

March 15-17, 2017 - Technical Assistance to the Orientation on the Gender Sensitive Planning & Budgeting of the PCW-DILG-NEDA-DBM JMC 2013-01 & the 2016-01 in Aurora province




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Issuance of DILG Indorsement for Nomination to Scholarship Grants

Client: Local Government Officials and Employees.


  • Resume (with 2X2 recent picture)
  • Transcript of Records (certified true copy of BS Degree and MS, if any)
  • Diploma (certified true copy)
  • List of Trainings/Seminars Attended
  • Updated Service Record
  • Certified Actual duties and Responsibilities
  • Performance Ratings for the last two (2) rating periods (January to June and July to December—certified true copy)
  • Certificate of No Pending Nomination in Local and/or Foreign Scholarship Programs
  • Certificate of No Pending Administrative and Criminal Case
  • Certificate of No Cervice Obligation from Local and/or Foreign Scholarship Program
  • Local Chief Executive’s Indorsement

Procedures: 5 steps

  1. Receive and record documents by the Records Section.
  2. Route to Technical services Division (TSD) for appropriate action.
  3. Evaluation, processing and preparation of indorsement by the TSD.
  4. Route to Office of the Regional Director (ORD) for signature by the Regional Director.
  5. Releasing of Indorsement to Central Office or Local Government Academy (LGA) for appropriate action.


Estimate Total of Servicing Time: 37 minutes


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