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After the KOMPRe CSO Assembly at the Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center, SILG Mar Roxas together with Governor Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado, Vice-Governor Daniel Fernando, and other local officials from cities and municipalities in the province proceeded to the dialogue with the Bulacan Business group at the Hapag Events Place. The activity was coordinated by Mr. Toni Tengco of the Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and was facilitated by Vice-Mayor Marivee M. Coronel of San Miguel.

During the program, the group presented some accomplishments and updates of activities within the province by the business sector and some are in partnership with the local governments. After the presentation, members of the group were given the opportunity to raise their issues. Mayor Germar of Norzagaray asked about the security of students attending a school which is along the fault-line in his municipality. He asked if they will continue to allow the students to attend to that school or not. SILG Mar responded that it is only prudent to still let the student attend school since the occurrence of an earthquake is unpredictable and the proper way to address the problem is to secure and strengthen the infrastructures of the school and make sure the building are compliant to the building code standards. The Business group represented by Ms. Gigi Simbulan, BCCI President also raised some issues about the implementation of the BAMBE and SME laws and the rehabilitation of railways passing through Bulacan and other neighboring provinces. SILG said that the truth behind the SMEs that do not want to register their businesses is that they are avoiding taxes and fees, the tedious process of registering, and the many requirements of BIR. He suggested that in order to boost the implementation, give incentives to SMEs that registers their businesses and reduce the number of requirements in registering businesses. On the railway issue, SILG believes that businesses in Bulacan and other neighboring provinces will greatly benefit from the rehabilitation of railways in the province however; the project will require a lot of preparation and adjustments such as widening since the train will travel at high speed, it will require spaces for terminals and stopping points, and relocation of people that will be affected with the widening.

The program was concluded with an inspirational message from SILG Mar Roxas encouraging Businessmen and Entrepreneurs to invest and make more business. He expressed that there is no better time to do business in the country than now because of the constant economic growth and stability sustained by good governance. The group responded with a promise of support to the SILG with the programs and prospective plans of the government in the future.






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