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Ensuring the effectiveness of the implemented projects in terms of addressing the needs and priorities of the LGUs, the DILG Bulacan Locally Funded Projects (LFP) Team inspected the procured ICT equipment for the Ease of Doing Business Project under the FY 2022 Seal of Good Local Governance Incentive Fund (SGLGIF) in the City of San Jose Del Monte on February 6, 2024.

The team visited the departments within the City Hall of San Jose Del Monte that directly benefited from the project to ensure the operational efficiency of the installed units. Through this proactive approach, the city government was able to improve its ability to serve the community by addressing the backlog of ICT facilities and equipment. It was emphasized that the comprehensive implementation of the project significantly boosted the local government's operations, fostering a more conducive environment for delivering essential services and promoting business friendliness through ICT-enabled initiatives.

Alongside the said visit, the LFP team organized a post-conference session with the beneficiaries to determine key findings and recommendations pertinent to the project. During the session, the team engaged in fruitful discussions, ensuring that all concerned people and offices were informed.





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