'Stress is a universal and common challenge to an organization and employee productivity. It is the reality of modern day workplace' (Ajayi, 2018).

As DILG Bataan faced many challenges in the implementation of PPAs this 2019, it is therefore important to pause and determine these strengths, gaps and stresses caused by work as perceived by the team with the end goal of improving processes, systems, and outputs.

Proactive to address these concerns, DILG Bataan conducted the activity titled "Chill Like A Pro": A Stress Management and Relaxation Workshop for DILG Bataan personnel. Said workshop is one of the significant initiatives of the office in relation to DILG Bataan's Year-End Evaluation and Team Building Activity.

Topics discussed were:

Both speakers facilitated engaging workshops for the participants in which C/MLGOOs and PO personnel alike produced insightful and notable outputs.